Github Projects
Mobile restaurant ordering app
Event based wrapper of axios with cache
Makes an account post the pictures it receives by direct message
Landing page template with Next.js
Crisp chat client library for javascript
nodejs library for google cloud secret manager
- 2019
Job outsourcing platform (WIP)
- 2019
Starter project for Expo (React Native) with serverless api on Zeit Now and CI/CD
JobToday candidate location finder
- 2018
Find your flight using natural language
- 2017
Windows, OS X and linux RAT client
Example of neural network running on a smart contract for the EOS blockchain
- 2018
pseudo token backed by ram on the EOS Blockchain
Smart contract platform to lease resources on the EOS network (WIP)
- 2018
Understand user flight queries using machine learning
- 2018
Replace clipboard content using regular expresions
MNIST classifier Convolutional networks with keras
Aes file encryption library for Go (Golang)
FodHelper UAC Bypass for Windows 10
Dockerfile to build .onion server in a docker container