Pacheco Consulting
- present
Contract job as a backend specialist.
  • Typescript
  • Serverless
  • Deploying to GCP and AWS
    • Elastic beanstalk
    • App engine
    • Cloud Run
- 1 year, 2 months
Moved to London to work in the Finance industry building a SaaS platform using
  • React (Redux)
  • Typescript
  • Microservices with
    • Docker
    • Nodejs
    • AWS
Blockchain freelance
- 3 months
After following the lauch of the I started to do some freelance crating smart contracts for it using C++ the sousrce code of those projects is closed, but here are some projects I did on my own:
- 1 year
At edreams I worked for the team responsible for the main home page for , and a few other white labeled pages.
The tech stack included an olde MVC framework Backbone and a Java backend for the main backend services.
We also worked heavily with A/B tests and google analytics to optimize the website Also worked on proejcts involving:
Web freelance
- 6 months
Started working in software as a freelance developing front end websites and integrating it with a backend in Node.js. Also worked with
  • React
  • Google Cloud
  • Golang
  • Python